Gaming Challenges

From time to time, I set myself challenges for the games I play – this page is designed to be an easy way to keep track of those challenges, and how I’m making progress. It also serves as a jumping-off point for my general monthly updates on what’s been happening.


For 2018, I decided to do a hardcore version of the 10×10 challenge – I was still going to attempt to play 10 games 10 times each, but this time I was going to specify in advance which games those would be. Follow how it went in the monthly updates



Aside from the specific challenges, kept a monthly track of what’s getting played, what’s not, and any notable themes or changes. You can read a round-up of the year as a whole, or dive in to the monthly updates below.

10 of 10

Fairly simple – rather than playing a thousand games once, or one game all the time, for 2016, commit to playing 10 games 10 times each.



10 of 10

as above- play 10 games 10 times.

Play the Unplayed

Again, this kind of speaks for itself – At the end of 2015, I looked at the games I hadn’t played at all in that year, and decided it was crunch time – get them to the table, or move them along…

both of these challenges were Introduced in January, then received monthly updates: