Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is set in the world of Golarion, originally created as an RPG setting, but now hosting various different genres of game, as well as tie-in fiction and the like.

In the game, players take a character, typically conforming to a generic RPG archetype, such as a Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric etc, and play them through a series of adventures. To begin with they have a small deck of basic cards, representing weapons, spells, armours, items, allies and blessings, to aid them on their quests. As they progress, they will acquire more and better cards to aid them, as well as upgrading their own skills and powers. This is a necessary gain as the foes they face will grow in power as they do.

A game consist of upto 30 turns as the players explore various locations, looking to corner and defeat a villain. Each location is represented by a deck of cards, filled with varying ratios of boons for them to acquire, or banes for them to defeat. This will be done by rolling dice of different-numbers of sides based on their capabilities.


For example, Valeros the fighter is a strong guy, rolling a 10-sided dice (D10) for his strength, but is also fairly foolish, rolling only a 4-sided dice (D4) for his wisdom check. This means that with only a Longsword, he can probably beat up that Goblin, but he’s unlikely to keep his mind on the job when the shop-keeper’s daughter comes along to distract him.


Valeros and chums will go through 6 adventures, each of around 5 scenarios, growing stronger as they do, and moving from scuffles with bands of small-town Goblins, to being some of the world’s mightiest heroes, facing down legendary monsters. Unless of course they die, in which case, it’s back to square one, or their comrades go on without them.

Like all games, you can find plenty of information on the Pathfinder Card game on Board Game Geek, with separate pages for each of the 3 Adventure Paths released so far:

The game’s publishers, Paizo, also run an informative website, with weekly blog articles and an active Forum discussing the game:


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