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Like many people, I played board games as a child – Ludo, Snakes & Ladders when I was young, then Cluedo, Monopoly etc, before losing interest as a teenager. I re-discovered games as a student, and have inflicted them on family and friends ever since.

Since becoming a dad in early 2017, more and more of my gaming has been confined to our own home, where I play with my wife, who is a big fan of thematic co-op games. Primarily we play Zombicide and anything from the Arkham Horror files, but there’s also a fair amount of Lord of the Rings LCG, and a general smattering of other things thrown in.

In the past I’ve played a few games competitively – Marvel Dice Masters was a big one (I was technically the UK #1 for about a year, but I think that was mostly just an oddity in the Wizkids ranking system). I also played Game of Thrones LCG, 1st and 2nd edition, as well as Legend of the Five Rings, along with Star Wars Destiny, before eventually selling up as I didn’t have the time/money to keep with it.

When I’m not gaming, I can generally be found whiling away my time in a mundane office job 4+ days a week. On the occasions my insane toddler (nb: all toddlers are insane) gives me a moment’s respite, I paint miniatures, read (particularly tpb collections of comics, history books and fantasy novels) watch television, and enjoy drinking single malt whisky when the doctor allows it.


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