Chance Encounters

Welcome to Chance Encounters!

Chance-EncounterA really long time ago now (probably about 18 months!), inspired by Drawn To The Flame’s recent thematic scenario/investigator match-up challenge, I decided to do a slightly different take on a campaign play-through. The idea was to create an ongoing narrative about an investigator as they take on an Arkham LCG campaign.

For my opening experiment, I chose Daisy Walker, pitting her against the mysteries of The Dunwich Legacy. Starting in her natural habitat at the Miskatonic University, she’ll follow all the normal patterns, regulations and challenges of the campaign, have to contend with the Necronomicon and the various agents of Yog-Sothoth before (probably?) finally coming face-to-face with him in Lost in Time and Space.

However, I wasn’t convinced as to how successful, or how interesting it was going to be if Daisy was on her own throughout this expedition, and I thought it would do her good to have some company. For every scenario after Extracurricular Activities then, she will be joined by a guest investigator – someone thematically matched to that particular setting, who will have a deck built using the standalone rules. I played Daisy solo for the first game, before turning her over to my wife to pilot for the remainder whilst I controlled the rotating line-up of guest-stars.

I want to be able to have these decks lean into the thematic side of things, rather than being super-honed. I also wanted to avoid making the play-experience too onerous, not having to spend sessions and sessions play-testing each of the stand-alone decks. As such, I’ll never be going above standard difficulty, and Taboos (which weren’t even a thing when I started this) will not be used.

The plan is to publish this as a series of 8 articles, each giving the rundown of how the scenario played out. I won’t spoil who the guests are ahead of time, in the hope of surprising you each time they appear.

Over time, my plan is also to list all the chapters published so far on this page as a central hub: here’s what I’ve published so far.


The Intrepid Miss Walker

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