Arkham Horror: Investigators Revisited

Investigators-Book-PhotoSince they first released the 2nd Edition of Arkham Horror the Board Game in 2005, FFG has been steadily building up a readily-recognisable army of budding Investigators – the same characters re-appearing across multiple games in their Arkham Horror Files games.

After a few years where the investigator line-up looked fairly fixed at 55 members, FFG recently announced 3 new additions to the cast, who will be appearing in the Arkham LCG Investigator starter decks, and at least one of them will also be playable in Arkham Horror 3rd Edition very soon.

All of the longer-established 55 characters are playable in Eldritch Horror, and all-but-one in Elder Sign* (the last, Daniela Reyes was available as a promo to Arkham Nights 2018 Attendees, apparently a preview for an upcoming expansions that never materialised). Former head of studio Andrew Navarro had proclaimed both of these games dead, but with his departure from the company, together with the new faces who could be incorporated, you never know whether we might seem some new additions…

48 of the investigators were playable in Arkham Horror 2nd Edition, a game which I’m a lot more confident to pronounce dead (it has long-since vanished from the FFG website), and one which I no longer own (there are only so many hours in the day)

Looking at the still-active lines, there are 40 available to play in Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, although 16 of those were 1st-edition figures, now apparently unavailable with the revised printing of the core box and the discontinuation of the tile-and-figure packs.

Once this summer’s releases are all out (Investigator Starter Decks and The Innsmouth Conspiracy) There will be 43 Investigators available in Arkham Horror the Card Game (1 currently only as a promo), 24  for Arkham Horror 3rd Edition (although we don’t know who 4 of them are yet), and just 6 in the still-fairly-new Arkham Horror: Final Hour.

Fantasy Flight has also produced a variety of tie-in fiction: a series of old novels from some years back and then an apparent re-boot that came with the Investigators of Arkham Horror book in early 2017. This has been followed by a series of Novellas + Promo Cards for a handful of investigators from the Living Card Game, and additional character-fiction in the Deluxe Rulebook that came with pre-orders of Arkham Horror 3rd edition.

Coming soon will be the first of a new line of Arkham Horror novels – not focused on the investigators, but places where they might show up. I was lucky enough to get a chance to review the first one, Wrath of N’Kai, but I won’t be including thoughts from these in investigator-specific articles until the book(s) are actually published!

My idea for this series was to take investigators who were available across a range of titles (neither Arkham 3rd Edition nor Final Hour existed when I first set this up) and look at how they had been depicted over the years – how different games reflected the same or different aspects of the person, and how their portrayal has evolved over the years.

Right now, I think I have everything that’s generally available for the Arkham Files games, and I’ll be focusing my energies on the Card Game, the 3rd Edition Board Game, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Elder Sign, and Final Hour. I never had Mansions of Madness first edition, Arkham Horror 2nd edition got moved along (the earliest articles I did in this series reference it, but I won’t be bothering moving forward), and Call of Cthulhu LCG didn’t really have investigators in the same way, so again, I won’t really be touching on this.

The Investigators

I started this series with the Investigators I owned in all 5 then-released games. “Ashcan” Pete, Jenny Barnes, Carolyn Fern and Marie Lambeau. As noted above, these articles were written before the release of 3rd edition or Final Hour, so are now missing entries for the newer games. I later added entries for Minh Thi Phan and Wendy Adams, both of which did include AH3 references, although we were quite new to the game at the time.

With the additional releases over the last year or so, the priority list of most-available investigators has shifted a bit, giving me new folk to write about. After a fairly long fallow period, I’m going to try to post a bit more frequently over the next little while, giving you either a new article or an update to an old one, once a month from June.

Here’s the list of what’s currently available.

Agnes Baker (published 28/6/20)

“Ashcan” Pete (published 21/5/18)

Carolyn Fern (published 20/8/18)

Jenny Barnes (published 5/7/18)

Marie Lambeau (published 19/10/18)

Minh Thi Phan (published 19/1/19)

Wendy Adams (published 22/03/19)



Appendix: Availability

If we include officially announced upcoming releases and promos there are currently:

  • 3 investigators appearing in all 6 games
  • 10 Investigators available in 5 out of 6
  • 23 investigators available in 4 out of 6
  • 17 Investigators available in 3 out of 6
  • 3 Investigators available in 2 out of 6
  • And 2 available in just the 1! (Nathaniel and Winifred)

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