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Right now, this is the complete set of games I own but haven’t played this year.

November was a very quiet month as far as the gaming challenges go. The un-played list remains at 3 games: I’ve tried to sell 2 of them (1 repeatedly), but without success. As I mentioned before, I’m fairly confident of getting Trivial Pursuit played at some point over Christmas, and I’m sure the others can be squeezed in with enough effort.

The “New” un-played list did get pruned a bit more – thanks to some games being played and others being moved on, there are only 3 games which made it out last year, but haven’t this year – generally these are big group/party games, so it will depend slightly on what activities end up going on over the festive period whether any of these see the light of day.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point, that I’m not going to be counting games I’ve owned less than a month as “unplayed” – with Games Quest very busy right now, there’s potential for a sudden wave of review games to all hit at once, when someone gets a chance to send them out, and if “all at once” happens to be the week before Christmas, they might not all get played right away.

16 of 10

fireflylegendaryThe “10 plays group continues to grow, with a couple of 2016 late arrivals hitting double-figures. Legendary Encounters: Firefly technically landed at the very end of October, but that’s still a fairly swift progression to get up to 10 (13 in fact) games already). The game was originally released in August, but took a while to reach us here. I’m still making my mind up about how I feel about it overall, and I’ll probably put together a proper review once I have.

The other game, only released a fortnight ago, is the Arkham Horror LCG – I’ve already done a review of it here, along with a few guest articles I’ve written for the guys over at Mythos Busters. Expect more content on this, once I figure out the best way to pitch it.


So, as I said, not too much of note happening this month milestone wise. Next instalment of the challenges update will be in 2017, when I’ll be doing a full run-down of the year’s gaming.


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