None of Some (Again)

So, May has been and gone, and with it, very little movement on the game challenges.

The 10-plays challenge is still sat at 8 different games, and whilst there are others heading in the right direction, there is nothing particularly near. As I’ve said before, this challenge isn’t one that worries me particularly. Playing 2 games 10 times in 7 months doesn’t feel like too big a challenge, and between upcoming things, and games that are already hovering around the 4 or 5 mark, I’m sure I’ll get there.

Zombicide Painted Perhaps more worryingly, the zero plays list also remained largely undisturbed this month – nothing made it to the table which hadn’t done so before, although it was somewhat refreshing to see games like Dixit which started the year on the endangered list getting a repeat run-out.

Overall it was a comparatively quiet month for gaming – I spent quite a bit of time painting Zombicide Minis, and my wife does a second job around May/June time, which can cut into the number of gaming sessions that take place.


Making Room

What I did decide it was time to do though, was to start moving on some of the un-played games, the ones which I knew were never really going to make it to the table. I listed a handful on a Facebook group, and managed to shift a grand total of 1.

Test subject #1

Monkey Dash
There are other components, but I didn’t want to risk damaging the game 5 minutes before sticking it in the post…

Monkey Dash is a game I picked up at UK Game Expo several years ago (the internet tells me it was 2009). It’s a really cute little game where you have to manoeuvre crates into a line so that your pet monkey can escape from the banana factory where you work before the supervisor arrives (and sees the monkey, resulting in you getting fired on the spot). The only problem is, the other player is also trying to extricate their own monkey, so as fast as you drag the crates into a line, they will be dragging them away again.

I played this quite a few times when I first got it. I loved the theme, thought the mechanics were clever, it was fairly quick, and above all – Monkeys!

Everyone else though, seemed to feel differently. It’s a two-player, head-to-head game with very little luck involved, and that generally isn’t something which goes down well in our house (something I was only starting to realise back then). After the first few weeks, I just couldn’t find anyone to play this with.

So it sat, on the shelves for 7 years (wow. It sounds like a really long time, when I put it that way…) I’ve moved house twice in that time period, and would have carted this with me each time.

Ironically, having listed games to free up space, and get some cash to use expanding games I do play (all the Zombicide add-ons are going to land soon), I didn’t even end up selling it! Instead, I’ve traded it for another game, which will no doubt be arriving soon. Swamped I understand, is a game about crocodiles, lamentably inferior to monkeys, but it is a cooperative game, so hopefully it will get some more play time.

Letting Go

MonkeysGetting rid of Monkey Dash was clearly a sensible thing to do (see above for the not-played-in-nearly-seven-years), but it was harder than I expected. As I was talking to the guy who took it off me, I found myself wanting to hold on to it. Even after I’d agreed the deal, part of me wanted to change my mind (he’s posted his half now, so I can’t back out).

Perhaps it was due to my irrational attachment to all things monkey-related, perhaps it’s just that fear of seller’s remorse: after all, it rarely works out that you can re-buy the game without spending more than you made. Either way, I never expected there to be an emotional wrench to getting rid of games.

My games collection is fairly big as it stands, and in all likelihood I’ll be getting more games in the future, whether it be by old-fashioned purchasing, review copies, or even winning a game in a competition (that happened this week! – although it’s a Kickstarter copy, so I’m kind of hazy on the details of when/how I get it). Unless I start dispensing with furniture, I’m going to have to shift some more things in the coming weeks and months – we shall see whether it gets any easier, and I’ll keep you all posted of anything interesting that happens.


3 thoughts on “None of Some (Again)

  1. I’m also joining in the 10 x 10 challenge again, although as I managed it last year I decided to go for the hardcore variant and listed the games I’d chosen in advance, some are getting played more than others. I’m also trying to play all our unplayed games, although we need to be in the right mood (e.g. not too tired0 to play a new game rather than a favourite of ours…


    • This is my first run at the 10×10 challenge, which is why I decided not to go for the hardcore variant – I think if I had, I’d have ended up filling the list with Mapominoes, Bananagrams, and other things that you can slot several games of into one session easily.
      Maybe if this year goes ok, I’ll try the hardcore variant next time round.


      • I tried to go hardcore last year and failed miserably, so downgraded to the normal challenge towards the end of the year. Hopefully this year we’ll have more success, but a couple of games are lagging behind a bit at the moment…


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