Rave Reviews

ReviewerOver recent weeks, as I’ve already mentioned here and there, I’ve been doing some board game reviews for another site. This had left me wondering what the best thing to do with those reviews was, in regard to readers here – after all, it seemed a lot of work to produce 2 completely separate reviews of the same thing, but I didn’t really feel I could fill my own blog with reviews when they had provided the games to review.

After a worryingly long period of thought, the obvious has struck me. From now, I’m going to be posting links on the Fistful of Meeples Facebook page to game reviews when they go live. I’ll also be updating “The Good, The Bad and The Meeple” page so that in addition to in-house reviews, it provides a handy list of the other reviews as well.

There’s already half a dozen or so to check out, and to save you a few clicks, here they are: if you aren’t already familiar with Zombicide: Black Plague, I’d recommend reading that one first.

(All the following links are to the Games Quest Blog, and feature thoughts and images based on review copies provided by Gamesquest)

Zombicide: Black Plague

Carcassonne Star Wars Edition

Curse of the Black Dice



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