None of Some

February was a quiet month. Even with the Leap Year, it still comes in a little bit shorter than January, and there were a few bits going on here and there which meant I didn’t get all that much time for gaming.

10 of 10

The 10 of 10 story then is pretty-much unchanged from January. The five games I’d already played 5 or more times continued to hit the table: Pathfinder, Legendary, Lord of the Rings, Dice Masters and Game of Thrones, although even these had quieter months.

Other games got played a few times, and I’m still fairly confident that I’ll hit the 10 of 10 target by year end, but no new milestones this month.


The Un-played list was a more worrying sea of calm: a few games which had been unplayed this year made it out, but the 22 which were hanging around from last year remain inactive – the closest was Dixit, which went to a friend’s house and back, but didn’t quite reach the table.

So far, this hasn’t been the most exciting update, although I wanted to keep this a regular feature, rather than go without saying anything, I wanted to touch on a new dimension of my regular gaming, which is likely to impact how both of these goals fare over the coming months

Under Review

February also saw me start a new role, blogging for an online Board Game Retailer. For now, I’ve only published a review of a game I already own, but I am starting to see games come through for me to review, which obviously means I have to play them a few times before I have any meaningful thoughts to offer. The first of these was Hocus – an interesting little Wizards’ Poker game, but not one that went down brilliantly with the group I played it with, so unlikely to make the climb up to ten.


As always, thanks for stopping by to read. I’m setting myself the challenge for March of playing at least a couple of games off of the unplayed list, along with getting up to 6 plays of 6 games for the in-depth challenge. I’ll report back in a month on how that works out…


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